ORB has pioneered the use of the design-build process to construct facilities for public and private agencies. In fact, the design-build method developed by ORB served as a model for development of RCW 39.10, which governs design-build contracting by public agencies in Washington State. The design-build process provides the following advantages:

  1. Establishes a fixed project price early in the project
  2. Eliminates adversarial roles between the designer and the contractor
  3. Shortens project delivery time, allowing "fast-tracking" of design and construction efforts
ORB prepared our first design-build contract package for Washington State University in 1971. This package was the first project in the nation to utilize the design-build concept in the Federal Government's HUD College Housing Program. HUD adapted the ORB contract document as a prototype for their nationwide college housing program. Since that time, we have refined the process and have utilized it for a number of public and private projects.

Over the years, ORB has designed and managed a number of design-build projects ranging from student housing and military housing, to office buildings, printing plants and even a public broadcasting studio. ORB is a recognized expert in the preparation of design-build Request For Proposals and the administration of design-build projects for the public sector. The links below are examples of design-build projects that include preparing the design-build RFPs, assisting in the selection and evaluation of the successful bidder and overseeing the construction efforts.

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