ORB Architects conducted multiple field investigations aimed at analyzing the condition of the exterior envelopes of the complex of buildings at Wedgewood Estates Apartments for Seattle Housing Authority. The inspections included evaluating the structural integrity and wood decay of decks, water leaks in exterior walls, basement leaks, mold occurrences, water accumulation in the parking deck, and water intrusion in foundation walls. ORB engaged infrared services to conduct a moisture inspection survey to identify areas of wall moisture.

Our series of reports outlined recommendations for correcting deficiencies. Where budget constraints limited the ability to perform extensive remediation work, ORB worked with Seattle Housing Authority to develop cost-effective solutions. ORB then prepared plans, specifications, cost estimates, and performed construction administration of the renovation work.

The projects have entailed multiple deck and patio repairs, siding repairs, parking garage leaks and other moisture-related issues. We completed designs for work on Buildings A, B, and C. Construction was completed on Buildings B and C, and then Building A. Before and after photos on next page show the nice colors and updated appearance for each building.

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