ORB considers sustainable design to be more than a fad. We are a member firm of U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC). All of our design staff are trained in Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED), and we actively support efforts to certify each team member in this USGBC accreditation.

ORB Architects integrates sustainability into our design approach for every project. Sustainable design is not simply an idea that is applied to make a project more environmentally friendly; it is a way of thinking about a project that starts from the initial program development and pre-design phases and is carried out through construction administration.

Our sustainable design strategy starts with looking at the building as it will relate to the site and local climate in order to take advantages of existing conditions, such as sun angle and prevailing winds. Secondly, we consider the passive design elements that can be incorporated to control these factors. This may include louvers to control daylight glaze and heat gain, and to operate windows located to provide cross-ventilation within a space. Lastly, where practical, we consider the life-cycle costs and benefits of on-site energy sources such as solar or ground source heat pumps.

Following are some of the projects we have designed to LEED® certification standards:

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