Our logo symbolizes our approach to our work. We strive to understand all the spheres of community that affect our projects. From the street where a housing project is built and the surrounding neighborhood, to the Puget Sound region and the entire Pacific Northwest—all of these spheres of community affect our projects to some degree. Our goal is to understand the relationships and integrate the needs between the community and our work. This enables us to design in a way that makes a positive impact.


We practice responsive design. In addition to being aesthetically pleasing, architecturally sound and environmentally sensitive, our designs are responsive to the needs of the people who will use them, the people who will own and operate them and the needs of the surrounding community.


We thrive on solving design challenges with innovative solutions, while working within our clients’ budgets and schedules. This dedication to design excellence with great value has resulted in a reliable track record of cost estimating and designing to the budget. Additionally, we have a history of meeting our clients’ agreed-upon timeline, with none of our recent projects having exceeded their design schedule.

We take great pride in the knowledge that our design projects meet or exceed our clients’ expectations and benefit the communities they serve. It’s our reason for being.

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