ORB's Eielson AFB Housing first LEED Gold project in Alaska (January 2, 2013)
ORB Wins SAME Design Excellence Award (November 9, 2011)
Eielson AFB Housing Goes Green (July 19, 2011)
AF Housing Named on NW Construction's "Alaska Top 5 Project Starts" (August 4, 2010)
Ft. Wainwright Housing Project Honored With SAME Award (October 26, 2009)
ORB's Army Housing Project Makes Northwest Construction "Top Start" List (June 19, 2009)
New Homes for Army Families at Fort Wainwright, Alaska (Nov. 24, 2008)

ORB's Eielson AFB housing first LEED Gold project in Alaska

ORB designs first housing project in Alaska to earn LEED Gold certification

RENTON, Washington—January 2, 2013—A portion of the 349 new housing units in the Century Park North and Galaxy Heights neighborhoods at Eielson Air Force Base, near Fairbanks, Alaska, have been certified LEED Gold by the U.S. Green Building Council. ORB Architects was the architect and Osborne Construction Company was the contractor. This is the first project in Alaska to earn LEED Gold.

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Air Force Family Housing was Designed by ORB Architects 

RENTON, Washington-November 9, 2011-The Society of American Military Engineers (SAME) awarded ORB Architects a Design Excellence Bronze Award in the small business category for 129 units of military family housing at Eielson Air Force Base in Fairbanks, Alaska.

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ORB designing the first homes in Alaska to LEED Gold standards

RENTON, Washington-July 19,2011-FAIRBANKS, Alaska (AP)-New housing at Eielson Air Force Base is being design-built to LEED Gold standards. If the new military housing gets certification, the housing will be the first homes in Alaska to achieve the rating.

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The $73 Million Project Was Designed by ORB Architects for Military Families

RENTON, Washington—August 5, 2010—ORB Architects' Eielson Air Force Base Phase I Housing Project, valued at $73 million, was #3 on the annual Northwest Construction "Alaska Top 5 Projects Starts" list.

The replacement housing, which was a milestone project in ORB's progression in use of Building Information Modeling (BIM) software, is being built in the Galaxy Heights and Ravenswood neighborhoods of Eielson Air Force Base near Fairbanks, Alaska. This design-build collaboration with Osborne Construction of Kirkland, Wash., involves demolition of 132 military family housing units and construction of 129 Junior NonCommissioned Officers/Company Grade Officer replacement units. The project will seek LEED Silver or higher certification upon completion.

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Housing for Army Families Wins Design Excellence Silver Award

Siku Basin Army Family Housing
RENTON, Washington—October 26, 2009—The Society
of American Military Engineers awarded ORB Architects'
Siku Basin Army Family Replacement Housing Project
at Fort Wainwright, Alaska, with a Design Excellence
Silver Award in the Small Business Design-Build category.

The winning projects were selected based on their
contribution to the Federal Agency's mission, degree of complexity, sustainability elements, innovation, and cooperation between the Agency and firm.

ORB Architects worked with Osborne Construction Company on this design-build project,
which was designed and built to SPiRiT Gold standards under the U.S. Corps of Engineers' rating system.

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Denali Village at Fort Wainright Will House Army Families

RENTON, Washington—June 19, 2009—Northwest Construction compiles an annual list of top construction starts. ORB Architects' Army Family Housing project in Alaska was included in the 2008 list for public projects.

According to the publication, the focus of the list is projects that broke ground in 2008, but it also includes a few significant ongoing projects.

The replacement housing for Army families is being built in the Denali Village area of Fort Wainwright. The 200 units are comprised of two-story quad-plexes with 3 and 5 bedrooms. They will serve as Junior and Senior Non-Commissioned Officer Housing.
As part of a design-build collaboration with Osborne Construction of Kirkland, Wash., ORB Architects is involved in all aspects of the project, including providing full architectural design services and conducting site visits, site planning services, and construction administration.

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Multi-Family Housing and Play Areas Designed by ORB Architects Completed
Ahead of Schedule and Below Budget


RENTON, Washington—November 24, 2008—ORB Architects was part of a design-build
team that worked with the U.S. Army to build the new Siku Basin neighborhood containing
126 housing units, two children's play areas, and two parking lots. The project included site development for utilities, roads, and sidewalks and design and construction. The development contains a mixture of 3-, 4-, and 5-bedroom units in duplex, triplex, and fourplex configurations.

ORB Architects was involved in all aspects of the project, including providing full architectural design services,
conducting site visits, site planning services and
construction administration.

ORB Architects teamed with Osborne Construction Company of Kirkland, Wash., for this design-build collaboration. The design-build process offers the benefit of a partnership between architect and builder, an accelerated timeline, and a reduced budget. In this case, the fast-tracked design was released for construction in four phases, with each phase being completed at least three months ahead of the contractor's fast-tracked turnover schedule and approximately $400,000 under the $73 million budget, even with the implementation of numerous improvements made during construction for the benefit of the users and reduced life-cycle maintenance cost.

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers' goal was to have visually interesting and comfortable homes for Army families. According to Geoff Anderson, Project Architect, "We wanted to avoid a monochromatic, repeating series of row houses, so we incorporated a variety of colors and patterns to give the buildings texture and depth." The buildings contain unique elements and welcoming characteristics for each individual unit. Each housing unit is also defined as a separate home by reducing the overall building scale with layered facade elements and setbacks that focus the attention to the individual housing unit.

"While the design accentuates the individuality of each housing unit, the landscaping and pedestrian and vehicular circulation elements of the design foster a sense of neighborhood and community, as well as all yards have direct access to the commons areas to facilitate the supervision of children at play," says Jake Jacobson, Vice President of Osborne Construction Company.


The project is rated SPiRiT Gold (Sustainable Project Rating Tool). The Sustainable Project Rating Tool is derived from The U.S. Green Building Council LEEDŽ 2.0 (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Green Building Rating SystemT and was used by the U.S. Army at the start of this project.

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