ORB Architects completes Colman Pool renovation (June 30, 2012)
New Pasco Memorial Pool and Bathhouse Transformation is Complete (June 20, 2010)
WRPA Honors Metro Parks Tacoma's Spraygrounds Designed by ORB (April 1, 2010)
Two ORB Architects Aquatic Projects Named "Dream Designs" (July 15, 2009)
Spokane Valley Pools Reopen Following ORB-Designed Renovations (June 21, 2009)
Pasco Memorial Pool to be Renovated (Feb. 5, 2009)
Whidbey Island's John Vanderzicht Pool Feasibility Study (Nov. 18, 2008)
Aquatic Survey Report Now Available (March 1, 2008)
Kirkland's Peter Kirk Pool Analysis (Oct. 1, 2007)
Fife Pool Project Featured as DJC Project of the Week (July 16, 2007)
ORB Completes Aquatics Project Trifecta (June 19, 2007)
Othello Pool Breaks Ground (Jan. 15, 2007)


ORB Architects completes renovation that invests in pool's future

RENTON, Washington—June 30,2012—ORB Architects completed required upgrades and renovations in time for Colman Pool to reopen on schedule on June 30, 2012 and in time to host the Senior Seattle Open Swim Meet on July 5, 6, and 7, 2012.

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ORB Architects-Designed Project Holds Grand Re-Opening on June 19th

RENTON, Washington-June 20, 2010-Memorial Pool in Pasco, Washington, opened as usual for its summer season on June 19th. But this year, the facility looked anything but typical to its opening-day visitors. That's because as soon as the pool closed at the end of the last swim season, construction began on a $3 million overhaul.

Pasco Memorial Pool
For several years, Pasco Parks and Recreation had been considering ways to improve its aquatic facilities and programs and planning for those improvements. The main pool at Memorial was nearing the end of its useful life and its mechanical systems were becoming increasingly costly to maintain and operate. The bathhouse was in need of serious rehabilitation-it didn't meet ADA accessibility requirements, and the floor, walls, fixtures, and configuration were all in need of upgrading. In addition, the wading pool was underused. The City wanted to find ways to serve a larger portion of the community.

Pasco Memorial Pool
Pasco Parks & Recreation hired ORB Architects to completely redesign the facility to replace the aging pool, maximize the existing space and budget with new features, and demolish and rebuild the bathhouse.

There were many things that contributed to the excitement of the 2010 season's opening: A brand-new stainless steel and PVC-fused pool was installed in the concrete shell of the existing main competitive pool. The old gutter system was replaced, resulting in an additional 18 inches of depth, which improved competitive swimming conditions and created a safer diving environment. Two bright new slides offer fun and excitement to thrill-seeking visitors.

Pasco Memorial Pool
Replacing the wading pool is a new leisure pool with a zero-depth beach-like entry. Integrated with it is a new spray pad with ground geysers and water features. A bench-seat wall surrounds the play area and offers a place for observers or those who need a break from the fun. Finally, a beautiful, half-acre lawn provides another place for relaxation and picnicking.

Pasco Memorial Pool
The bathhouse was removed down to the foundation and reconfigured to include new stalls, lavatories, showers, urinals, lockers, staff facilities, and the addition of a family changing room. The enhanced layout improved functionality and is fully accessible by ADA standards.

To celebrate the grand re-opening, admission to the first session was free. The event was so popular that the facility quickly filled to capacity, with nearly 1,000 visitors estimated that day, which was a big increase over a typical opening day because of the combination of a larger bather load and the excitement generated by the new water features.

Pasco Memorial Pool
A contest to name the new slides was also part of the celebration. The orange slide is now officially named Tangerine Twister, and the red one is called Lava Plunge.



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Spraygrounds Selected for Spotlight Award

Siku Basin Army Family Housing
RENTON, Washington-April 1, 2010-The Washington Recreation and Parks Association (WRPA) announced the recipients of its Spotlight Awards, honoring Metro Parks Tacoma in the Special Use Facility category. The project, which included conversion of three unusable wading pools into spraygrounds, involved sites at Jefferson Park, South Park, and McKinley Playfield.

The award honors projects that meet the needs of the community, demonstrate the character of the community and its commitment to parks and recreation, and maximize site, building materials, and other resources.

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Aquatics International Honors Othello Community Pool and Tacoma Sprayparks

RENTON, Washington—July 15, 2009—In the annual "Dream Designs" issue, Aquatics International featured two new aquatic projects designed by ORB Architects. One project is a new competition pool, lazy river, and zero-depth entry leisure pool to replace an outdated pool in Othello, Washington. The other project consists of three sprayparks at Jefferson Park, McKinley Playfield, and South Park for Metro Parks Tacoma.

Othello Community Pool
Tacoma Sprayparks

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Valley Mission, Park Road, and Terrace View Pools Tout New Features

Park Road Pool Ribbon Cutting
RENTON, Washington—June 21, 2009—Spokane Valley Parks & Recreation opened Valley Mission Pool, Park Road Pool, and Terrace View Pool for the 2009 swim season following renovations at each location. The upgrades involved the bathhouses and dressing rooms, lap/competition pools, pool deck, and lawn areas.

Additionally, each pool received a new aquatic feature aimed at
Terrace View Pool Lazy River
increasing the popularity of the pools. A zero-depth entry leisure pool with spray toy features was added to Valley Mission to give visitors a more interactive water experience. The Terrace View Pool has a lazy river, where swimmers can float along propelled by a gentle current. A bright-yellow three-story water slide is the new feature at Park Road Pool.

The City held a naming contest for the new Park Road slide.
Park Road Pool First Slide
Seven-year-old Nicole Livingston proposed the winning name—The Park Pool Plunge—and consequently won the privilege of taking the first plunge (left).

More Information:
Spokane Valley Aquatics
Valley Mission Tumble Buckets Video

Valley Mission Pool Tumble Buckets
Spokesman-Review: "Refurbished Pools Make Big Splash"
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ORB Architects Will Design the Updates

RENTON, Washington—February 5, 2009—Memorial Pool in Pasco, Washington, which was built in 1948, is ready for a makeover, and ORB Architects will be designing the renovation. The upgrades conceived by the Renton firm will modernize the pool facility to capitalize on trends in aquatic facility design.

Memorial Pool in Pasco
The City's goal is to invest in the facility in a manner that increases the number of swimmers at the facility, while reducing its subsidy for pool operations.

Upon evaluating the pool and its current amenities, ORB Architects concluded that inserting a new modern Myrtha pool system into the existing 50-meter pool shell, building a new bathhouse, and replacing a small wading pool with a new pool that incorporates contemporary features will ensure the viability of the existing facility and help the City achieve its goal.

The plan is to complete improvements by opening day of the 2010 swim season.

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ORB Architects Will Analyze the Feasibility of Expanding the John Vanderzicht Pool

RENTON, Washington—November 18, 2008—North Whidbey Parks and Recreation District selected ORB Architects to perform a study analyzing options for the future of John Vanderzicht Pool. The District chose ORB Architects over two other firms who were interviewed. "All three
of them gave excellent presentations, and I was really pleased with what they had to say," Commissioner Sally Dillon told the Whidbey News Times. "In addition, ORB has 40 years of experience with providing a large number of similar studies for clients, and the company has project leaders with experience, special training and methodology."

Parks and Recreation Director Craig Carlson added, "They have experience adding on to pools. You don't usually find a company like that."

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ORB Architects Collected Data from Pools in Region

RENTON, Washington—March 1, 2008—In a continuation of its nearly 20-year tradition of collecting aquatic center data and passing it on to communities, ORB Architects has recently finished updating its operational statistics for selected aquatic facilities in Oregon, Washington, and British Columbia. Every facility that participated in the survey will receive the report.

ORB Architects is the only local firm gathering data on aquatic and recreation facilities located in the Northwest. The information obtained is critical in performing feasibility studies for municipalities considering building a new facility or renovating an existing facility. "This survey data, combined with other market analysis, allows ORB to give its clients a clear picture of the future of a proposed facility," says Geoff Anderson, Principal of ORB. "This can be beneficial in the up-front determination of a facility's feasibility and also in educating the public and building a case for obtaining financing through a bond or other measures."


The survey includes a listing of the facility features, operating expense and revenue, pool attendance and fee schedule. Pool managers have incentive to participate because they can use the data to compare their facilities with others like theirs, share best practices, and obtain ideas for improving the facility's economic and community benefits.

While data is refreshed every 3-4 years, the report is constantly being supplemented by new information received. Pool managers can still participate and subsequently receive a complimentary copy of the survey by contacting us and referencing the aquatic facility survey in your message.

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RENTON, Washington—October 1, 2007—City of Kirkland Parks & Community Services has selected ORB Architects to provide comprehensive pool and facility investigation and analysis services at Peter Kirk Pool.

ORB will perform an analysis of life safety, code, maintenance and energy use of the existing systems and the overall facility at the pool. The evaluation report will also consider enhancements for Peter Kirk Pool that could potentially result in cost and energy savings, as well as environmental improvements.

Recommendations will be focused on structures, including the bathhouse, lifeguard building, main pool basin, wading pool, and pool deck, and on the piping and mechanical, electrical, and chemical feeding systems, ensuring all facilities and systems meet code and health requirements.

Expanding the function of the pool and incorporating a zero-beach pool, spray toys, or other features to serve the long-term desires of the community are options that will be examined.

The City of Kirkland Parks & Community Services Department operates its award-winning Aquatic Program at the Peter Kirk Pool, where community members can participate in lessons, water-safety classes, and general swimming, in addition to special-interest classes.

The Peter Kirk Pool assessment began in September, with the final report scheduled to be completed by the end of 2007.

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DJC Project of the Week: Fife Swim Center Renovation

RENTON, Washington, July 16, 2007 — The Fife Swim Center reopened in June after an $840,000 renovation. The pool is at 5410 20th St. E. The renovation updated the entry and locker rooms of the 1985 building, covering 3,000 square feet.

"The primary goal was to make the facility more user-friendly," said Kurt Reuter, director of Fife Parks, Recreation and Community Services.

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RENTON, Washington, June 19, 2007 — ORB Architects Inc.

ORB has recently completed three aquatic and recreation projects and is pleased to announce the openings of three new and renovated swim and recreation destinations this summer in Fife, Tacoma and Othello Washington.

Fife Swim Center

Opened Saturday, June 16, 2007
ORB worked with the City of Fife Parks, Recreation and Community Services Department to help upgrade the Fife Swim Center in time for the City's 2007 Golden Jubilee Celebration. ORB provided architectural and engineering services for renovations and updates at the facility. The project includes the reorganization and expansion of the existing locker rooms, new family changing rooms, new restrooms and remodeling and reconfiguring of the lobby and entrance areas to the Fife Swim Center.


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Tacoma Metro Parks Spray Grounds

Opened Friday, June 29, 2007
The Metropolitan Park District of Tacoma enlisted ORB to design three new spray ground conversions to replace the wading pools at Jefferson Park, McKinley Playfield and South Park. This project has established the new standard for Metro Parks Tacoma and all future spray grounds. Each is individually designed to integrate with existing playground features. ORB supported public meetings with kids and community groups to review spray park options. The project scope also includes the addition of recirculation, filtration, sanitation systems and supporting mechanical and electrical systems, asphalt paving and markings, gravel surfacing, chain link fencing, storm drainage, landscaping, irrigation and site lighting.


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Othello Community Pool

Opened Sunday, July 1, 2007
ORB provided the design-build criteria, as well as prepared designs and documentation for a new pool facility on the existing site. This included a complete demolition of the entire area to construct a 2,800 square foot zero-depth leisure pool, a 25 yard - 6 lane lap pool, a lazy river, a water slide, spray park features, a new bathhouse and dressing rooms. ORB has worked closely with Othello Park and Recreation District throughout the project to incorporate input from the community. The design-build team includes Apollo Construction and WMS Aquatics.

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OTHELLO January 15, 2007 — Othello City Council members dug their shovels in the dirt at the city pool groundbreaking ceremony Friday morning.

Although construction already began, the event was held to answer questions and display the project to the community.

"It's things like swimming pools that make a town a community," Mayor Shannon McKay said.

Apollo Inc. is working to get the pool completed by June 2007, Vice President Keith Larson said.

"We're happy as a clam to be a part of this thing," Larson said. "Come this summer, we'll be swimming in this thing together."

The city is building a 50 meter pool equipped with a wading pool entry point, similar to a beach setting, a 20-foot slide, several fountains to spray water, a padded floor and a bath house, he said.

The facility will also feature a "lazy river" ride shaped like a figure-eight. People can use inner-tubes to float along the ride.

Council was surprised by the large turnout during the cold weather. More than 30 people, including Othello High School swim team members, attended the event.

The Grand Opening of the Othello Community Pool is scheduled for July 1, 2007.

About ORB Architects
ORB Architects is a full-service architectural small business/minority business enterprise firm located in Renton, Washington. ORB is committed to making a positive impact on our communities through design innovation and management expertise. For nearly 50 years ORB has provided architectural services to communities in the greater Northwest, working with municipal, state and federal agencies on a variety of people-oriented buildings, and recreational and aquatic facilities that benefit communities and respect the environment.

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